Comics truly have the ability to touch people across the globe. Comics know no boundaries; they are truly democratic. A good story educates. A good story inspires. A good story transcends race and culture because comics, unlike other forms of entertainment, are a personal experience.


The worlds I create are populated with characters from multiple cultures, which
reflect our diverse reality. 


I create positive visions with various ethnicities performing amazing feats instilling a sense of wonder and pride to the viewer.


I am in the practice of training warriors; young men and women who have a distinct point of view and the drive to accomplish their goals.

Life is a competition and I am in the business of creating champions. 


My work is defined by pop culture. From Alphonse Mucha to Frank Frazetta, from comic books and animation to “Grindhouse” films, these “low-brow” creations sparked my imagination. Their bold and shameless design and marketing aesthetic inspire the way that I make images and bring my message to the masses… And they are a lot of fun.